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Would you like to create more balance and synergy in your life?  Would you like to find clarity and confidence in your direction?  In our coaching sessions, we will work together to explore your true calling and realise ways for you to unleash your full unlimited potential. 

Having trained as an executive coach in 2013 and worked with many brilliant people since, my goal remains, to help you to realise your true potential and turn your intuitive dreams into reality.  

Fill your life with the things that energise you. 

Contact me to arrange an initial chat with myself or Clare.



Clare King

Realising the power of a conversation and how it can help someone change the course of their life  and unleash their unique potential, I trained as a professional Coach-Mentor through the Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring (the OCM). Since then, I have coached people across the criminal justice and private sectors, using my experience as the director of a social business that delivers behavioural change programmes, to help people successfully navigate through life’s challenges and find their true purpose.

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