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Yoga and Life Coaching

Yoga Sessions via Zoom are currently on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm, with recordings available


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Join me for Yoga in Marbella, May and October 2023, click below to view film:



A personal practice

Having practiced yoga for over 20 years, my goal is to share the benefits I have gained from my practice with others.  Incorporating a variety of traditional practices in movement, breath, and meditation to help each student practice their own unique form of yoga.  Yoga can help us to have a positive relationship with our bodies, to gain strength and flexibility both on the mat and in all aspects of life.  

I am qualified through the Yoga Alliance Professionals to teach and am certified through the Complimentary Medical Association.  

I offer group sessions, 121s, sessions in schools and childrens holiday clubs.  I also offer packages for corporate clients, for example I developed and delivered a wellbeing package for Netflix employees.


I trained as an executive coach in 2012 with the Academy of Executive Coaches and absolutely love working with people to assist in the journey of self potential realisation and fulfilment in all areas of life, career, health, relationships, self discovery and balance.

"Jo's teaching is filled with lightness and ease.  Every time I feel completely included, calm and inspired. Thank you!" Haia Ironside

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After our twins were born (through IVF), I went back to work in a senior demanding role, determined to prove that I could be successful in my career and as a new mother.  We'managed'. We were 'managing'. I’d fulfilled my belief that I was successful as I juggled a busy career and familycommitments.  But in reality, I was suffering from exhaustion. 

Something had to change. I was already a qualified coach, so I embarked on a coaching journey, with me as the client.  

I formed a vision of what a new success would look like for me and for my family: the dream.

I created a personal plan which included writing a vision of all the very important things to me such as picking the children up from school, continuing to help others to find their way through coaching and yoga; even the desire to bake my own bread(symbolic of making time to care for those around me and creating the headspace and time to do so).  This was a small, seemingly insignificant desire, but one that was tangible and turned out to be a significant factor in making the big change.

In the following two years, I left my job and found part-time work from home.  This allowed me the time and energy to undertake my yoga teacher training. Having practiced yoga for over 20 years (nearly 40 years if you include the yoga I did with my mum as a child), I was now able to teach!

I am truly passionate about teaching yoga. I love guiding yourpractice helping you to connect with one another and the natural world around us. Helping you to reduce stress, to find balance, to just take a little break from the constant ambient anxieties that surround us.

You may not be looking to make a big change, but you may welcome a regular time to just be you and forget the outside world. To help you recognise and harness a calmer you, more in control, healthier, less stressed and more balanced.

Yoga is a practice, and with that practice, over time and with focus on the many ancient teachings we can bring to modern life on the mat, you will find subtle positive changes to lifeappear off the mat. 

I look forward to sharing time with you and bringing you the benefits of yoga.


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Yoga at Home

It's not about being good at something, its about being good to yourself.

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